Trimming your Dog Feet

Did you know that trimming your dog’s feet not only looks smart but can prevent problems too?

Dogs that have a lot of hair around the feet can be prone to matting. Matts can even form in between the toes, causing your dog much discomfort.

There are other reasons why removing the hair around the feet can benefit your dog. In the winter, snow, ice and road salt gathered by the hair can pack in between the toes causing ‘hotspots’ which can make your dog overly clean the area, leading to painful cracks in the pads.  Also, when the feet become wet from outdoor exercise, excess hair can take much longer to dry. When the fur remains damp for long periods of time, this can provide the ideal environment for fungal infections to take grooming tool

In the summer, grass seeds are problematic as they can attach to the fur between the toes. If these are not seen and removed they can eventually dig their way into your dog’s skin causing a lot of pain and usually a large vets bill to remove the seed under anaesthetic.

Another good reason for removing excess hair is to give your dog more grip on slippery surfaces such as hardwood floors. By trimming the hair, the pads have more contact with the ground providing more grip and preventing slipping. When the fur is left long under the pads, your dog may compensate by trying to use his nails to dig into the surface for extra traction. This is seen as scrabbling at the floor with their nails, ultimately damaging your flooring!

Matts between the toes are virtually impossible to brush out, so clipping the hair or cutting the matts out with scissors is the best option.

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